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evil crossover plotbunny strikes again!

I was making sure I'd put the right tags on a drabble, just a few minutes ago...and lo and behold, what should bite, but -

Martha Jones (Dr Who) meets Mark Antony (Rome)

actually, any het or gen Who & Rome crossover would be loved and appreciated and frequently visited.

(or a Rome & Journeyman, or Life & Journeyman...can't you picture Dan showing up briefly in Pelican Bay for a minute, and leaving after confusing the hell out of Charlie?)
Tags: crossover, dan vasser, doctor who, doctor who fanfiction, fic request, journeyman, journeyman fanfic, life, life fanfiction, mark antony, martha, martha jones, plot bunnies, plot bunny, request, requests, rome, rome fanfiction
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