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gin Hob words & a cultural detail

I'm part of a conlang group over at, and there, we have a sort of a relay -- we array ourselves in sequential order on a list, and then when our turn comes around, type up three words using the posted rules they've provided for their conlang.

for gin Hob, I was given these three...which raises a cultural matter that may be unique to the gin Hob:

suwown -- / -- to cleanse, to clean (default referring to hands and soles of feet). this is normally a verb, but, when it is the theme or topic of a sentance, it gets treated as a noun.

haingolt -- /ha.iN.olt/ -- noun. a species of small and aggressive shark.

pimerap -- /pim.mer.ap/ also pimerab /pim.mer.ab/ -- verb. to become, to take up. (this refers more to changes in how the community sees the individual & treats them, not any physical change)

Pimerap is what they call it when a person tires or desires an escape from the demands of social life on the Three Islands. This person, with witnesses, declares what they are becoming - usually a tree or a rock - and from then on, the person is noun-classed with trees or rocks.

But wait, you might say, what keeps anyone from abusing or taking advantage of this pimerap person? Well, in answer, let me put it to you this way: would you take advantage of a tree, a boulder, or a sea turtle? No! And the answer is the same for the gin Hob in regards to this pimerap person.

Cool! So can I say "Pimerab ematrep gowna"? ("I pimerab into a rock"). Well, I wouldn't advise it. After all, if you say that, the gin Hob will treat you like one. In other words, you say you're a rock, they'll take you at your word - and treat you like a rock. Be thankful they leave food out for real rocks and trees.

note: ematrep = "I . into/to"
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