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The Andromeda Strain, part 2

so, anybody want to write a Numb3rs or a Doctor Who crossover with this? it'd be fun, I imagine.

some SPOILERS here.

* when Dr. Stone was being picked up from his home, it looked like his wife was tilting her cheek up, in case he wanted to kiss her - for emotion or so the soldiers would think he had a normal home life....and when he didn't, she made a sound that seemed to carry oh that's right, why would you want to do that, Jeremy? I'm no college grad, after all.

* "it can't change its atomic structure." which, in hindsight, might've been why the buckyballs were made with those two different elements buried in with the carbon.

* Beeter, or whatever his name is...if that guy didn't raise red flags (or white flags) with the entire viewing audience...sheesh! I mean, it'd be one thing to take advantage of a situation for his political or personal gain -- but Beeter acted like he didn't even care, one way or the other, what happens.

even the Master cares!

* I'm rather irked at Stone...doesn't he know that the OTP of this movie is Noyce/Chou ?

* kinda surprised that the Odd Man didn't cut off his own thumb.

* wild hunch here: they're trying to make it so they can turn this into either a tv series, or a couple of made-for-tv-movies.

ps: one of the absolutely funniest lines in the entire four hours:
"The Andromeda Strain is brought to you by Viagra."
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