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review: "In Plain Sight"

USA network's getting better with their shows.

* nice how they cut to the IDs. distinctive for the show, and helps us know who's who.

* after the "Showgirls" mention, I thought "if Mary were to meet Tony DiNozzo (NCIS), can you imagine it? it'd be references and quotes and... *chucles*"

* and why do I keep thinking Johann van der Zee (New Amsterdam) would crossover well with this show?

* wild hunch here - the "worst monster" is the boy's father.
(either that or she pays Dexter Morgan's airfare) ;)

* "I don't accept your definition of us" definately good! he may've started as eye candy for the female viewers, but I foresee a good character arc ahead of him.

All in all, it was a good episode. Looking forwards to watching next week's episode, and reading fics for this fandom. *adds it to list*
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