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"From Plain Sight" (In Plain Sight / Invisible Man crossover)

yep, a prequel...intended only as fun and-or as humour.

"We," the Official said once everyone was present, "have figured out what happened to Stark and his men." Chrysalis had gone to ground, becoming invisible even to those who knew what to look for. "Eberts."

"They appear to have a mole," Eberts said, "within the Witness Protection Program."

"Perfect place," Hobbes said, "for hiding somebody."

"Or a lot of somebodies," the Official said. "That's why I've chosen to send one of you in after them."

"Oh this'll be fun," Fawkes said.

"Not you."

"What's my cover?" Alex asked. "Clerk? Newly-transferred field agent? Or," and groaned, "newly-graduated rookie?"

"None of the above. You're staying here, Monroe."

"Sir, I -"

"Shut up, Eberts. It's not you either."

Hobbes and the Keeper looked at each other. "Congratulations," Hobbes said to her.

"Thank you, Bobby," the Keeper said.

"No, really, you deserve it."

"What're you congratulating her for?" the Official asked. "You're the one who's leaving."


"Hobbes?" Fawkes and Alex asked.

"Congratulations, Bobby," the Keeper said.

"Thank you," Hobbes said.

"Hold up," Fawkes said. "Hobbes here was in the FBI, and not quietly at all during his time there, from all accounts. Under you, we've been all over the country. So how exactly are you going to reinvent Bobby Hobbes?"

"Only partly," the Official said. "And that's because Hobbes here has a brother."

"You have a brother?"

"I will, appearantly," Hobbes said.

One Week Later:

Bobby Hobbes stepped out of the plane, the sun already beating down on him. He saw exactly one person on the tarmac, bored, waiting, presumably for him. "You must be Mary Shannon." Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

"No," she told him.


"There's no 'must'," not with me. "I'm Mary."

"Nice to meet you."

"No luggage, Sam Hobbes?"

"I travel light."

"The only thing we have in common, then."

"Good place to start."

Mary gave him a Look that would've withered most men.

and that's it....though, originally, the reply to "I travel light" was "Good, because you'd've been carrying them.
Tags: crossover, fanfiction, humour, in plain sight, in plain sight fanfiction, invisible man, invisible man fanfiction, the invisible man
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