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Battlestar Galactica drabble

written right after seeing this scene...

"I don't want this to be weird between us." Said the Cylon to the man. Said an Eight. Said the one who was one of many, and became two in one. One with two memories. Two distinct sets of memories.

He thought he knew her. He felt trust was essential; or to be preferred, at the least. Needed to know that, whether with Men or with Cylons, some things would remain constant. Sharon is Sharon. And that's that. She is herself. But if she is herself and my wife, if she remembers the birth of - our? - daughter, if she knows all - our? - secrets and whispered words . . .

She watched him go. Neither of her wanted him to go, but both of her knew he needed to.

I wasn't too sure about the final sentance; keep or drop it?
Tags: battlestar galactica, battlestar galactica fanfiction, drabble
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