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s1 drabbles: "Gobsmacked" (hints of Don/Amita & Charlie/Amita) & "You, like petals" (Terry/Charlie)

Numb3rs100 entry: #164: Blunt
Title: Gobsmacked.
Author: Keenir.
Word count: 137
Summary: Charlie’s envious and upset (irked?) thoughts about his brother and his girl.
Author's note: I was going to write something along these lines when Don said what he said to Charlie…but that scene at the end, with Don’s hands in Amita’s… !!! :D

Pairing/Characters: Don, Charlie, Amita; Don/Amita and Charlie/Amita in his mind.
Rating: PG or G (I would like to apologize for overlooking one solitary line in this post, as I copy&paste my headers from one drabble to another, and change what needs changing)
Spoilers: 1.06 (unless my eyes are worse than I thought – the railroad ep on disk 2 of the s1 set)
Disclaimer: I own none of this.

“…or somebody’ll snatch her up,”
you said. You did say it, I’m not denying that. It’s just…

Well, usually you’re not so blunt as this. Granted you don’t use much in the way of metaphors or abstract concepts, at least not in earshot of me.

And now, now I see… I was going to ask her out, you know. Okay, so you didn’t know – you should’ve known (okay, so that sounds better in movies) – but you could’ve at least let me say I…

Admired her.

Had in interest in her.

Loved her, I suppose is the best way to put it. And yes, I do know and am aware of the ethics of the situation.

Mind you, you’re my brother – aren’t you breaking the rules too, being with a woman your brother was about to ask out?
The End

Numb3rs100 entry: #164: Blunt
Title: You, like petals
Author: Keenir.
Word count: 97
Summary: Remembering dating advice (not sure from when), Charlie’s thoughts as he talks to Terry in that final scene.

Author's note: that scene, when Charlie was explaining how math is in everything, just sang “shippy!” to my eyes.

Pairing/Characters: Terry, Charlie; the potential for Charlie/Terry.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 1.06 (unless my eyes are worse than I thought – the railroad ep on disk 2 of the s1 set)
Disclaimer: I own none of this. If I did, Charlie and Terry would be maintaining a long-distance relationship, and Amita and Colby would be composing epic verse extolling one another’s virtues.


Keep it short, keep it simple, I was always told. So I do. I speak of the Golden Ratio, of the arcs of flower petals.

I don’t mention the clarity I see in your eyes, Terry, the mathematical ideal. Try not to be forward, they don’t always like that.

Make the words blunter than they are when they crystallize in my mind. Crystals. Patterns. Numbers. Perfection. You, to whom I give this flower.

Because if the petals are too sharp, they may as well be thorns. And I’m going to try not to give you thorns, Terry.
The End
Tags: drabble, drabbles, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction, terry, terry lake
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