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Primeval double drabble: after dinner.

Title: After dinner.

Like all of my Primeval fics, this is crossposted at the Primeval fansite and my LJ

Rating: PG
Warnings: see Pairings. :)
Pairings: very mild Lester/Abby.

Dedicated to: Lil_Shepperd and Fredbassett, for their inspiring comments.

Spoilers: none, really.
Characters: Lester, Abby, Rex, ofc M.apeoros.
Genre: double drabble
Length/Word Count: 200

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. ITV owns Primeval and the characters thereof. I am making no money from writing or posting this drabble; I do this purely for enjoyment and fun.

Short Summary: As they’re preparing to part company one night, something happens to Lester’s present.

Notes: Mecistotrachelos apeoros is a recently-discovered fossil gliding lizard of the Triassic.

After a long evening in, after the several rounds of scrabble, the pair of them were prepared to call it a night. “So…” they said simaltaneously as they stood up together, each on opposite sides of the low coffee table neatly filled with the scrabble board and a dozen different dictionaries; the leftover Pakistani food was in the refrigerator already.

“You’ll be okay?” Abby asked, and heard how that sounded to her own ear. “With…you know.”

“Honoria will be fine. Thank you for her.”

Abby ducked her head. “Was nothing.” Just brought ‘er back for you, tis all.

“I consider it to the contrary.” Even not counting her endless humility, this woman never ceases to amaze me, Lester mused. It was one thing to cross all the ts and dot all the is...but she could pluck a lizard from midair and sex it, all without skipping a beat in the conversation. Truly, acclimatized to her job, without any irony; if anything, there was respect there.

Looking around, “Where do you suppose she went to?”

Abby shrugged. “Not sure. Maybe she’s kipping in the closet.”

“Perhaps. I -”

Rex’s chirp sounded a little suspicious. Both pairs of human eyes trained on him.
The End
Tags: abby, lester, lester/abby, primeval drabble, primeval fanfiction, ship
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