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Primeval drabble: "One of the Lost" (mild crossover with Land Of The Lost)

Title: One of the Lost
Author: Keenir
Character(s): James Lester
Rating: PG-12
right after one of the scenes in the s2 finale.
Summary: In the wake of the attack, as he sits, reeling and recovering, Lester can't help but remember.
exceedingly mild crossover.
note: this is written to celebrate the upcoming theater release of "Land Of The Lost".


His pulse was racing, his lungs were processing air faster than they'd done in a while. He let the mammoth wander around - there was no harm in rewarding it in such a way for saving his life.

Adrenaline was still pumping through his body, and James Lester couldn't help but remember - even after so long of trying not to. Remembered Annie, Dad, Christa, Tasha, and Stink.

Remembered why he wasn't with them. Remembered while the mammoth trampled paperwork and other nonbreakables that Lester could afford to overlook the damage to them. He didn't care about what happened to the future-bat. He cared about what had happened to his family, the one he'd grown up with...

..."It's not uncommon for victims to have amnesia of the trauma and the events immediately preceeding the trauma," the doctor had told him when James had been brought to hospital.

"So I'll eventually remember what happened?" Lester asked, thinking that one day he'd know how he'd gotten back to this world and time. Gotten back without his sister, father, pets, or the girl of his dreams.

"Not neccessarily. Sometimes the amnesia is permanent."...

Lester sighed. Maybe the Anomalies played a role in how he'd gotten back, and maybe they had nothing to do with it.

For right now, there was Leek to deal with.
The End

Notes: the Sleestaks were the stars of the human adventure series Land of the Lost.
links: the classic & the new
Tags: crossover, image, images, land of the lost, land of the lost fanfiction, lester, link, links, movie, movies, pics, primeval, primeval fanfiction, sleestak, vid, vids
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