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Being Human drabble: "Taking Note Of"

Title: Taking note of
Author: Keenir
Fandom: Being Human
Movie-verse / Series-verse: Series.
Spoilers: 1.01
Pairing(s): none

Character(s): Annie, George, Mitchell.
Word count: 91
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. I’m only speculating upon things we’ve seen on-screen.

Summary: Why it attacked Annie when she said his name.


“George?” Annie asked, feathers lighter than a whisper.

With those ears, it can distinguish between the rustle of pedipalps and stingers on a scorpion. Make no mistake regarding whether it heard her.

It did.

But the eyes could not see her. It possessed eyes capable of seeing the steaming breath of a deer on the opposite side of a gorge, yet not, now it was seeing only the wall behind her.

Embedded within the innermost nature, there was a policy, one telling what to do when senses contradict one another.


The End

Tags: being human, drabble, series
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