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Being Human ep review (1.01)

I suppose that makes the Movie 1.00....which makes a certain amount of sense, and lets it be a round number.

anyway -

* just you watch, George...I still maintain (as I did during the movie) that it is the repeating motions - ie making tea - that let Annie be visible and solid.

* she seems to recognize the smell of a werewolf. is it instinctive (she knew the smell as soon as she became a vampire), or is it learned (she was given a (dead?) werewolf to smell by the folks she mentioned to Mitchell in her "orphan" speech) ?

* they're going with the a scratch turns a person to a werewolf then? okay.

* hm. I wonder if Annie is only visible to people who have no Signifigant Others in their lives.

* and I'll admit I was wary, going into this...but they've turned movie-Annie's development (fear of going outside -> going to the pub) on its head, making it into series-Annie's development, but in a believable way.
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