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Being Human drabble: "Ghost theories"

Title: Ghost theories
Author: Keenir
Movie-verse / Series-verse: Series.
Spoilers: 1.01
Pairing(s): none
Character(s): Annie, Maki (OC)
Word count: 156
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: None of the canon characters are mine.
Warnings: Discussion of deaths. (it’s kept unspecific, but still)

Summary: Having finally found an older ghost, Annie learns an unpleasant truth about the nature of ghosts.

“There are two ways to become a ghost,” Maki said.

“Yes?” Annie asked. Finally!, finally after all this time, having found another ghost. Someone who had some answers. Someone to talk to – one who didn’t drink blood or have a time of the month – who understands on an innate level just what she was going through.

“The ‘crossing over’ as the living ones call it, it takes only a few seconds – if there are no infants being born in those seconds, we have no-where to go. Then, there is also the worse luck.”

“Worse than not being reincarnated?” Well, I suppose it’s better than the fires of Hell.

“Far worse. Think of an award system – every sixtieth customer wins a discount at a shop, for instance.”

“So, we’re ghosts,” Annie said, feeling oddly numb, even as a ghost, “because either nobody was in labor at the time, or because we were next in line?”

Maki nodded.
The end

Tags: being human, being human fanfiction, drabble, ghost, ghosts
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