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Rome plot bunnies

Just a few plot bunnies that've set up shop in my brain over the past few days...all involving the tv series Rome to one degree or another.

* Helen Cutter vs Domina of the house of Atia...which woman would defeat the other? (or would they divide Rome between them?)

* Abby/Vorenus? (probably not - he's married, and he doesn't strike me as a bigamist)

* Connor/Octavia (good lord, we're all doomed!) :)

* Rome/The 4400

* Rome/Torchwood

* Rome/Troy. :) Yeah, throw another pair of armies into the mix, and see what comes up. Hector and Lucius exchange notes on brooding? Octavia kills Hellen of Troy & makes off with Paris? Pullo fights Achilles?
(given that the Romans grew up on tales of the battle at Troy, which side would have an advantage?)

* Titus Pullo as Emperor/Consul/Tribune...would it be after Augustus' death? would it be while Octavian is still below the age limit to rule? or did history take a veering path in another direction?

* Lucius Vorena - same question.

* if either of them were in charge of Rome, what's happening to everyone else? (I imagine Domina and Mark aren't too happy, Cato'd be in hysterics, and Pompey - I'm not sure)
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