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LOST: observations & predictions

* why do I have the feeling that Locke is taking advantage of Sun's longing to be reunited with Jin?
(edit: yep, he is)

* poor Juliet...she gets an "I love you" from Sawyer...and just when things are looking up, Kate shows up.

* okay, so Jack was miserable when he wasn't on the Island, he's miserable now that he's back on the Island...

though Kate's right - how many of the Oceanic passengers (and other Island inhabitants) would be worse off if the plane hadn't crashed?

* okay, Locke, do you remember the last time they took you to Jacob? you couldn't see him!

* I agree with Sayid: Jack's reason for trusting that lady is dubious in the extreme....particularly when Jack is counting on this changing the future.

and now, some predictions for the finale next week:

* the sub will blink out of existance, and re-appear in the Island's interior somewhere.
(or they'll just turn around and land - this second theory arose because of the previews, the first one didn't)

* Kate says "he's always loved you, Juliet," and gives her life so Juliet and Sawyer can escape.

* Jacob turns out to be an elderly John Locke.

* Jack goes insane, and has to be locked away in the nearest thing the Island has to a mental hospital.
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