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LOST finale review (and a ficlet)

my thoughts....

* it sure looks like Jacob's going for a really complex/convoluted suicide-by-cop.

* I bet Juliet's pregnant.

* at some point between leaving the sub & telling James "I changed my mind," Juliet's eyes got a lot bluer!

* "See you in Los Angeles." I seriously doubt that James wants to be back where all of this [narratively] began!

* a question: about Jacob and the other guy...are they portions of The Monster? or are Jacob, the other guy, and The Monster essentially the Island's triune pantheon?

* so...pseudo-Locke is the other guy?

(earlier in this ep, I thought the folks with the Ajira Airlines crate worked for the other guy - but if that's who pseudo-Locke is...then who do the folks work for?)

* ooooh, maybe Ilana(sp) is actually Nadia after a medical miracle saved her. Sayid would be happy, at least.

* "They're coming." dare I ask who is "They" ?

(ancient deities? lovecraftian horrors? Harry Dresden's in-laws?)
oh dear...'The Atrocity Archives' meets Lost

and the ficlet...

Juliet's eyes were open when the bomb went off. And it hurt to frown a moment later.

I was at Ground Zero. I should be vapor at the least. The hard ground and puddles of blood and water were still under her; but the metal and walls were gone, all gone.

And there was someone here with her. "Who... Who are you?" And entertained a notion: "Are - are you Jacob?"

"I know Jacob. I am not he." And he crouched down beside her. "Jacob is dead now. I need you to do something for me."

"What?" Juliet labored to ask, breathing sudenly more difficult.

"Can you do something for me, Juliet?" he asked.

"What? Do what?"

And he smiled. "You'll do it," pleased, and whispered in her bloodied and blood-filled ear.

Juliet blinked -

- and when she opened her eyes, she was alone in the jungle, her body hale and whole.

And unbloodied.

We've already met, echoed in her mind, and out the corner of her eye, a faint whiff of the black smoke that had always lived here on the Island.

Juliet eased herself up and started walking.
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