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NatM-ficlet: "Running Differently" epilogue (Capone, Earheart, Larry; AU)

all typos are my own.

Fandom: Night At The Museum II: Battle Of The Smithsonian.
fic list is here.

Title: Running Differently, the epilogue.
(par 1 is here)
(part 2 is here)

Characters: Al Capone, Amelia Earheart, Larry Daley, Sacajawea, Roosevelt.
mention made of: Mongols, Huns, Neanderals, Bessie the plane.
Summary: Capone switches sides, and Amelia Earheart plans ahead.
Note: I might work on a part two/sequel to this, if I feel up to it. (fb helps)
Reference: none.
note: according to a program on either History or Biography channel, Capone worked hard to get rid of his accent. *shrugs* I suppose we can chalk NatM!Capone's accent up to the same reason as the grunts and hoots of the film's Neanderals: because that's how they were made.
Location: American Museum, New York:

The Huns and Mongols had gone inside, making sure the Neandertals didn't get distracted by something this close to dawn. Sacajawea was joined on the Museum's stairs by Teddy, who slipped one arm around her waist as the two of them watched the events unfold on the street.

Larry stood between Bessie, Amelia's plane, and the Museum's stairs, and he was tempted to ask Amelia to stay at the Museum with them. What stayed his tongue was one thing: Not really much of a life, mostly for her, what with only breathing and living at night. He didn't bother thinking about how it would be, socially, for him.

Amelia and Capone were standing just outside Bessie, angrily mouthing something-or-other. Finally Capone stepped up to Larry.

"Problem?" Larry asked, really seriously hoping that there wasn't one and that there wasn't about to be one.

"I lost, so I'm talkin' to you first." I tried telling her it don't really matter, but she's insistant.

"Um, thanks."

Pointing to a spot past Larry, Capone asked, interested, "That really Roosevelt?"

"Um, yeah."

"I heard of him; left New York when I turned twenty, so I never met 'im. Good guy."

"That he is," Larry agreed. "So, you and Amelia -"

"You ain't her first dance an' she ain't yours - like she wouldn't be my first dame." Frowning at himself. "I just say dame?"

Larry nodded. "You did."


"You do realize, of course -"

"Ah!" Capone said, jerking one hand up into the air, silencing him without laying a finger on him. "I got the rest of the night. And if not tonight, well, hey, we had fun."

"Well that's always good," Larry said. "Score one for the good guys," tried to force a laugh, and it died away.

"That we did," Capone said, sounding pleased about it. Looking around, "You sure they don't need a soup kitchen 'round here?"

"Um, I think New York's fine, doing just fine. Thanks for asking, though. And hey, best of luck to you." You won't be waking up without the tablet anyway, so, yeah.

"Yeah, like always," Capone said, turning and heading back for Bessie.

"Think he knows what happened to him?" Larry asked Amelia when she strode confidently up to him. "The real him, I mean."

"Real?" she asked.

Lary's face fell. "Oh!...that's what I wanted to talk to you about, earlier, back in - you see..." and noticed the impish look on her face. "What?"

"I know, Mr Daley," Amelia said. "I've always known."

"You - you knew?" Larry asked, stunned. "All this time you knew and you didn't say - Wait, how'd you know?"

"As I've said before, Mr Daley, you talk too much."

Reflexively, Larry's hand flew up to catch her hand before she could slap him - and he caught only air.

Amelia smiled at him. "Quick learner," she said, approvingly. And this is why I wanted to be the last person you spoke to before we left: And kissed him.

The End
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