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Primeval fic: for Talliw: "When you reach bottom, keep going"

Title: When you reach bottom, keep going.
Author: Keenir.
Recipient: Talliw
Request: Why did Helen leave?
specifically 'I would prefer a Helen story about the reasons she chose the Anomalies and time travels about her husband and her sheltered life in the modern world.'

(if I misinterpreted your request, or you are otherwise unhappy with the fic, just let me know)

while I've done this theme before, I wanted to do something original for you. so this is a new theory.

Word Count: 614
Warning: Depressing, if not worse. Definitely not cheeryfic.
Summary: Helen’s not in a good place, literally or mentally.
Disclaimers: I own none of the characters. Helen Cutter is owned by ITV Channel and Adrian Hodges.
Notes: Murphy and his aphorism is “if things can get worse, they will.”

Tags: gift, helen, helen cutter, primeval, primeval fanfiction
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