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Defying Gravity drabble: "Thinking of her" (H2IK spoiler)

Defying Gravity fanfiction:

POV: Wass.
Title: Thinking of her
Author: Keenir
Summary: Wass has Paula’s best interests at heart…that’s why he insults her the once. Takes place right when the gravity is restored.

Spoilers: H2IK

Oh, hey, gravity works.

And I’m lying on my bunk, lying under Paula. Pretty eyes there, Paula.

Okay, this wouldn’t be anything less than awkward – nice as hell right now and if we do anything – but six years of pure awkwardness, or worse, after. I kept calling her Paula Puke and addressed her by titles relating to her incapacity at the time. And up til a moment ago, I’d nearly killed her – she wouldn’t have come so close to hypothermia if it weren’t for me.

Definitely NOT memories I want her to have if she’s ever going to think back on our first time…that’s a bad prelude. And I want her - us, I want us - to have a good prelude.

So I have to kill the mood. Rather enjoying the feel and press of Paula against me, I nonetheless ask her, “How much do you weigh?”

“You’re a moron,” she tells me, and leaves.

Mission accomplished. Dammit.
The end
Tags: drabble, fanfiction
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