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Title: Catherine’s thoughts in episode 1.
Fandom: Jekyll
Challenge: none.
Rating: M for implications and thoughts.
Warnings: None.

Pairings: Catherine/him
Characters: Catherine, Jackman.

Spoilers: Episode One.
Genre: POV, Drabble.
Word Count: 91.
Disclaimer: None of the characters of JEKYLL are my own; they are property of the BBC and Stephen Moffatt. I am writing this for enjoyment, not any monetary gain.

Short Summary: Catherine’s thoughts when Dr. Jackman tells her that particular fact regarding marriage.
Author’s note: This is what occurred to me when I saw that scene…even if it did most likely get proven wrong by a later ep1 scene with Catherine and him.

“He’s not married,” Doctor Jackman tells me; “I am.”

I shouldn’t argue with you – you know him better than I, thus far at least. I think we’re all going to be good friends – you and I, he and I – and maybe a bit more.

Rather than argue, perhaps I should give him a nudge and a wink, see whether he’s up for backing up his words with actions. Probably would; nothing I can’t handle.

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be cheating – since his mind’s not yours, and since he’s not married.
The End
Tags: catherine, drabble, jackman, jekyll, jekyll fanfiction
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