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Jekyll drabble: "Oh no!"

just a little one-shot I scribbled down while half-asleep...

Title: “oh no!”
Fandom: Jekyll
Challenge: none.
Rating: M+ / PG-17
Warnings: Bad mental image!

Characters: Jackman, him, Claire.
Spoilers: more of a spoiler for one comment Mr. Nesbitt made in ‘SFX’ magazine, than in an episode.

Genre: Drabble.
Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. No matter how much I’d love to hear Claire whispering in my ear. This is written for fun, not for gain.

Short Summary: Jackman’s worst nightmare.


Jackman came to, lying on his back, eyes fixed on the ceiling. Yet again, he thought to himself just before a feminine arm came sprawling across his chest. There was a familiar scent to the woman he was in bed with. The ceiling too was familiar. “Claire?”

“Mm?” Claire asked, sleepy.

Already going over in his head the message he was going to leave his other half of himself, Jackman regretted that she’d had to meet him.

His stomach fell as she made a happy sound in the back of her throat as she cuddled against him.
Oh dear God!
The End
Tags: drabble, horror, jekyll, jekyll fanfiction
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