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Meme: marry, shag, throw

Sunsetdawn20 has given me the following:
Helen Cutter
Elizabeth Swann
Mary Tremayne
Tanya Lacey

Marry: Mary Tremayne. My favorite, nuf said. But based on what I and The Hound have written of her, I can see myself settling into married life well with her. The only catch is that I'd have to move to the UK.
Shag: Tanya Lacey. My only fear is that she'll want a repeat performance (or I'll disappoint her somehow) and she'sll snap my neck.
Throw off a cliff: Elizabeth Swann. For one thing, she's annoying and *this close* to being a Mary Sue (in my eyes). For another, if I throw Helen off a cliff, she'd survive and plot revenge against me.

if you want me to give you four people to do in this meme, just say "Comment".
Tags: mary tremayne, meme, tanya lacey
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