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Numb3rs AU ficlet: "If not rescued"

Title: If not rescued...
Character: Colby
Disclaimer: I own none of the NUMB3RS characters.
Rating: PG13, unless you take much of this to be double entredes. ;)
Summary: Colby was more than willing to go all the way in the course of his duties.

Sometimes, just sometimes, Colby Granger suspected he was too good at his job. But that wasn't why he was in a movie theater right now.

He'd left clues, a call to Charlie, and dawdled as much as he could afford to - and Don and the team hadn't caught up to him. So, after a long boat ride to China, he and Dwayne were debriefed by some of Chinese Intelligence's best questioners. No physical interrogation, a sign they wanted more from us than a one-time thing.

More than once, Colby had been grateful he had learned some Chinese growing up. He wasn't permitted near anything even remotely classified (aside from himself and Dwayne), but he appreciated being able to hold a basic conversation.

Dwayne hadn't become anything more than he already was - an errand boy at best, a thief of late.

But Colby's star had risen, and he suspected that his wider degree of latitude - a looser leash, minders not always present - was connected to the grooming he was recieving for another undercover job. Probably not to the US - unless that's how certain they are that I won't defect. he thought to himself.

"Agent Granger," he was told here and now. He looked up from where he was sitting, while the credits rolled, and saw one of the young women from Chinese Intelligence who had sat in on his debriefing.

"I was," Colby said. And an officer, and... "What can I do for you, Agent Deng?"

"Shuang in public, Colby," and I was wondering if you would care to grab a bite?" Those lips smiled, "Or are you waiting for the next showing?"

"I could eat," Colby said. "Where are we going?"

"Chinatown," she said, a non-answer that gave him pause as he was standing up.

Then he realized she was joking. Right? So he asked.

"That's what the owner named it - just opened last week. The owner moved to here from the Chinatown in London."

"I do love bangers'n'mash," Colby said.
the end</b>
Tags: au, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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