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tonight's Numb3rs

phop kan mai = we'll meet again.
Laos -> English

* Amita's got a wonderfully expressive face...particularly when David and Charlie were talking over the radio at the start of the episode.

* and I wonder if they'll do anything with that idea....that these robbers used the same math that Charlie used before, but used it to try to throw them in another direction - is there another Charlie out there?

* wonder what was going through Colby's head during this episode? I mean with how David keeps going to the side with Amita, and the "I'll call you".

* D.B.Cooper? a paratrooper in a tree? wait a minute, this was a Journeyman episode!

(if anyone finds a way to get Navi Rawat and Moon Bloodgood on the screen together, I may have to set up a shrine to you)

* ah, more mention of Alan's Vietnam-era past.

* Nikki and him are getting along well now. ("with three cheeses")

* bad Nikki; no cookie.

* "You'll notice I was silent the whole time."
"I did notice that."

Charlie's going to be in the doghouse for sure and certain.

* Tina Tran. Nice.
(I like how the guy had good intentions with the money....though a corner of my mind is wondering if he dropped the dime on his squad because he had a daughter there afterwards)
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