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meme: the new show

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

Irony_rocks was generous enough to request I create a Detective show.

and I call it Time Enough

The Department is an agency run by time travelers, to supervise time travelers, and to keep the universe from getting confused...or so says Tad Shaunnessey when he is asked where he used to work. He will also tell you that his time machine stopped working, stranding himself and his partner at this juncture of this avenue of time.

Until helps comes to get them, they're solving cases with the police - and, at times, in a race against the police to catch those responsible.

Tad Shaunnessey - Michael Weatherly
Anna Patricks - Julia Sawalha
Lieutenant Aravane Valley - Saba Homayoon
Captain Ben Young - John Glover
Patricia Hong - Ming-Na

Time Enough

Michael Weatherly
Tad Shaunnessey

Part of why he's lasted this long is that he interprets his orders rather than blindly following them, a trait that rather infuriates the lovely Lt. Valley (Saba Homayoon), while his colleague (Julia Sawalha) is accustomed to his ways.

While his loyalty to The Department is unquestionable, Tad can't help but wonder if this is someone's attempt to force him into retirement. He'll admit he's not the easiest to get along with - but that's about all he admits.

As time goes by, Tad becomes aware that he has feelings for Aravane. And equally aware that Patricia Hong (Ming-Na) has him in her sights (or her crosshairs).

Julia Sawalha
Anna Patricks

Shaunnessey's longest-lasting partner on the job - all the previous coworkers quickly asked for transfers to other areas in The Department.

Soft-spoken and understating, Anna has made herself invaluable {some have suggested that she is the brains of the outfit, not Tad}. Hailing from a different path of history than her partner, Anna's superbly adaptable: one of the best at blending in with almost any society - though she fiercely draws the line at blemishing or marring her skin.

Having romantic designs herself, Anna doesn't care for Lt. Valley's movement towards Tad.

Saba Homayoon
Lt. Aravane Valley

While she doesn't believe the time-traveling story, Aravane considers Tad and Anna to be well-meaning, if often underfoot; but recognizes that they do come in handy.

Pre-series, Aravane was not called a workaholic - she didn't have anyone at home to come home to - aside from one fish in the aquarium - so she didn't mind working late if work required it. Her family have been police for nine generations - it would have been ten generations, but for her father, a Vietnam vet (still in the Army).

She considers Tad to be cute, and has asked him more than once if he would like to grab dinner.

John Glover
Capt. Ben Young

While alcohol doesn't effect him much, he doesn't drink except in social situations. His guilty pleasure is fine chocolate.

A fifth-generation officer, Ben considers the kindred spirit of Aravane to be the daughter he never had.

Not afraid to threaten to have Tad or Anna locked up for interfering in a police investigation, there's a part of Ben that wonders if he's been louder at them since he noticed that his fiancé seems familiar with Tad. (before, it was just interference and feeling that Aravane can do better than Tad)

Patricia Hong

Quiet by nature, retiring by habit, Patricia spends most days teaching toxicology and anthropology to college students, and enjoys being swept off her feet by her fiancé Captain Ben Young.

An ex-member of The Department, Patricia Hong has since taken a job in the era she was dropped off in. She's pleasantly surprised that Tad has come back - initially, she thinks he's here to bring her back to civilization {read: The Department}.

In addition to being something of a pack rat, Dr. Hong is industrious and quick-thinking, she's more annoyed at herself for being unable to stay angry at Tad for very long, than at Tad himself - though she distrusts Anna intensely.

Quotes & Factoids:

* "My good man, why are you asking if I am a very model of a modern major general?" -Tad; episode 1.
* Standing on the inside of a time machine is like Shroedinger's Cat in reverse - you are unchanged, but the outside universe is a mystery. (episode 1)
* Aravane's fish is a pleco named Horace.
* "We love history, and why wouldn't we? The intricacies, the plots and hopes, the betrayals and wild successes." "I suppose the two of you like soap operas too." "Caught one of those today - we mustn't let Tad see it, he'd be hooked, *snaps fingers* like that." -Anna, Aravane; epsode 2.
* "Did you forget to refuel your time machine before you used it last?" "I knew I forgot something. But I've run these on a pretty much fumes before, never had this happen." -Aravane, Tad; episode 2.
* "'Angry'? Me? You only had me expelled from the only job I ever enjoyed." -Patricia to Tad; episode 5.
* "Ah and we're graced by the presence of the lovely Dr. Hong. Or is it Theodosia Sen. I forget." -Tad to Patricia; episode 7.
* The interior of a time machine is immune to the changes made by time travelers (episode 7).
* "Well its either one of your students, in which case the apprentice has surpassed the master, or you did it. Lieutenant, arrest her?" "Are you sure you've never seen Star Wars?" -Tad to Patricia then Aravane, Aravane to Tad; episod 10.
* "For the septateenth time, Captain, if it were that easy to get a time machine working, every history would've accomplished it." -Tad to Ben; episode 15.
* "After all, 'Valley' is an Anglization of the surname 'Vali.'" "So now I'm mad at Ellis Island too? I don't think so." -Tad, Aravane; episode 18.
* Aravane's surname comes from her great-grandfather, Desmond Valley, an expat Englishman.

Others by me in this meme: At The Gates & Caroline & Time Enough & 1st Time, 2nd Time.
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