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Flash Gordon drabble: the Egg talk

btw, are there any LJ communities or Egroups for Flash Gordon fanfics?

Title: the Egg talk
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: innuendo.
POV: Flash Gordon’s.
Pairings: Um…Flash/Baylin innuendo, but nothing really.
Characters: Flash, Baylin; mention of Dale and the ex.
Spoilers: Episode Two.
Genre: drabble
Word Count: 124
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters. This is written only for fun, and I make no money from this.

Short Summary: Over breakfast, Flash and Baylin chat.
No, I don’t know if this is before or after he teaches her about showers. :)

“So, Baylin of the Verden,” I ask, standing at the stove, “you want your eggs scrambled or sunny-side-up?”

“Divided,” she says.

“Okay,” and prepare scrambled eggs.

A few minutes later, “Thank you.”

“You mean for the eggs?” I ask. “No problem.”
“For not seconding Dale Arden of the…”

“The Ardens,” I supply, hoping I haven’t accidentally suggested Dale’s royalty or anything – I’d never live that down.

“For not seconding her opinion.”

“Which one’s that? She’s got a b-“ and I bet I know which opinion Baylin’s referring to. “Sending you and your ex back through the Rift? Wait a minute, you heard that? How - You were invisible, weren’t you?”


“Well… you’re welcome.”

“My eggs are ready,” she says, standing right behind me.
The End
Tags: drabble, flash gordon, flash gordon fanfiction, humor
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