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Two very real possibilities


"If Tom Dunne hadn't had the courage and acuity to publish that "unpublishable" book, I would probably have gone back to mathematics and wound up drearily teaching."
--Joe Haldeman.
{the quote is from the introduction to The Forever War}

'In 1842 Alan Pinkerton boarded a ship in Scotland and sailed away from the closing hand of justice. An avowed Chartist [...]. If Pinkerton had stayed much longer in Glasgow, it is possible that one of America's most influential crime fighters would have been only another unremembered Scottish convict.'
{this is from History the History Channel Magazine for March/April 2010}

though might Pinkerton have made a name for himself in Australia?
Tags: ah, au, australia, history, pod, point of divergence, the forever war, what if
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