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tonight's SG:Universe

just saw the first half of the new episode of Stargate Universe:

* Wray, James, and Park, all in the same episode!

* poor Lt James. things just keep getting worse for her.

I hope things improve for her.

* interesting that the aliens have smaller versions of their larger ships for hovering on planets.

(and I'm convinced we haven't actually seen what they look like - what we've seen thus far, maybe an enviroment suit, or a waldo (aka an avatar))

* when Eli was being shocked that Dr Perry had feelings for Dr Rush, and she said "you don't think a crippled person can have feelings?"...I suspect Eli's thought was "you're handicapped?"

he was probably trying to visualize Rush and Wray doing the tango.
Tags: camille wray, episode, lisa park, review, sgu, stargate universe, vanessa james
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