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my thoughts on tonight's episode of Stargate: Universe...

* so, the Lucian Alliance are the only ones who have goa'uld cargo ships? seriously? after how many SG1 brought home?

* c'mon Scott, if you're going to lie, at least use the classics - Dr Morrison has the chicken pox.

* first Young says they can't tell anyone, then he turns around and tells O'Neill - the man who's had his brain scrambled and reprogrammed more times than anyone else.

* I get the feeling that Scott is an Alliance mole. a back-up plan, just in case.

* "You're going to kill me. Either way, I'm dead." "No, I won't. You have my word."

a scene rather like that between O'Neill and Ba'al.

* Kiva's eyes did something when Rush said he was Rush. is there a word for that movement?

* there's probably some signifigance to the comment about Telford giving them a gate address - maybe if there was no connection made (sorta like recently with Eli dialing Destiny), Telford would know it was too late for him to do anything.

* I suspect Telford was left no option but to become a double agent...question is, what was held over his head?

(yes, I heard what he said to Young and O'Neill...but given that Telford wouldn't have been believed no matter what he said, what options remained, other than lighting a fire under their butts to find the Alliance? (which he did))

* um, if the Lucian Alliance dials all nine glyphs, wouldn't they land on whatever Ancient vessel is following behind Destiny? (given that Destiny is part of a chain of such vessels on a path through multiple galaxies - and it isn't where it was at the start of the season)

* so in other words, Earth's relationship with the other human-colonized worlds, is going to be a metaphor for America and the rest of the world?

oh joy. oy gevalt.
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