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movie review: Green Zone

Green Zone was a better movie than I feared it might be. let me clarify that: I was afraid it was going to have in one hour more blood than all three of the Bourne movies did.

there was almost no bloodshed, actually, in this movie. Matt Damon does get whumped from time to time, I admit.

but the horrifying aspect of my moviegoing experience was due entirely to the people sitting in the audience behind me: they laughed...and not at any of the jokes made in the film. oh no, once was when a US soldier, in making sure an Iraqi civilian can't get away before he's checked for weapons, grabs the guy's leg - and find he's holding a prosthetic leg.

The other time was near the end of the film, when that same Iraqi man tells Damon's character "It is not for you to decide what happens here."

now I might have expected somebody to chuckle or laugh when one character warns that if the Army is excluded, there will be problems for a long time - only to be told "Nonsense" and "that won't happen."

Nope; not a peep from the audience behind me.

they also managed a reference to the Iran-Iraq War - that being when the aforementioned Iraqi man lost his leg & needed a prosthetic.

long story short, this is a good movie; go rent it...or see it at the Dollar Movies.
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