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N3teamchallenge fic: "8 minutes and onwards to midnight"

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Title: Eight Minutes and onwards to midnight.
Author: Keenir.
Series: Dutiful.

Summary: A little about Bree on the phone, and then Val breaks big news to Don. And the year ends.

written for N3teamchallenge.
Team: Nice.
Prompt: Present.

what has come before in the series: at the end of Soft Target, Don married Val Eng {here}. Charlie gave them the Craftsman as a present {here}, and Don painted the room that Val said (in Soft Target) would be great for a baby {here}.

Word count: 963.
Spoilers: Soft Target, Provenance, Old Soldiers.
Tags: au, au: dutiful, n3teamchallenge, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction, series, val eng, val eppes
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