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Just when you think you know your own characters...

Just when you think you know your own characters...

It’s been about a year now since I wrote “the Twins Effect” in the 4400 fandom. At the time, I didn’t really think that much about the Haggard twins, despite their being the central focus of the story -- the story was more about physics’ effect on an intellectual set of twins.

Even so, I figured “’Haggard,’ probably from the UK originally, at least in the last two generations”...

And then, tonight, watching Without A Trace, I hear the voice of Lin Haggard. The character’s name was Amalia Kent. The actress’ name is Angela Alvarado.

Now I know. Now, should I want to write more with the Haggards, I know
what voice to listen for.

Reference links: is the episode in question. is the fanfiction I’d written.
Tags: 4400 fanfiction, actress, imdb, lin, without a trace
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