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Hawaii Five-0

oh dear. so many people are going to be mad at this episode.

*Though I admit, in one scene, when Steve's walking up to his car, I thought his look of surprise was because he had gotten a parking ticket. :D

* Kono surfing. my day is complete.

* is that Grace?

* !! it's Serinda Swan - from Breakout Kings!

* Chin vs Uncle. both sides have good arguments and good reasons.

* Kono vs the mystery man. I'm honestly surprised nobody teased her about it...even Danny got teased (a little? my CC failed) when it was time to interview the models.

* and they cite the tie to explain why they know they're cops. :)

* Kono surfing again. this keeps getting better.

* Fong {I didn't catch the first name} was the first boy she ever kissed? shades of Terminator 3. :)

* I swear, that little girl looks like Grace.

* even Danny holds up his tie when saying he's a cop. :)

* NNO CHIN! DON'T DEAL WITH THE SCUMMY GUY! even The Chairman's a better ally than him!
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