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Auction: Help The South


Inspired by the effort contributed by people such as Sabaceanbabe, I'm taking part in the Help The South auction.

I am here.

I am offering: 2 fics of minimum 1,000-word length.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Breaking In, Castle, Dollhouse, Dresden Files, East West 101, Fairly Legal, Firefly, Foyle's War, Hawaii Five-0, Inception, The Invisible Man, Jekyll, Leverage, Lie to Me, My Own Worst Enemy, Nikita, Numb3rs, Stargate Universe, Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles/Terminator:Salvation. (if you know me, you can suggest something else)

Additional Info (optional): Crossovers do not cost extra, nor do language details. I can write gen well, most het, and I'm passable at slash and femmeslash.

Starting Bid: $5
Tags: fic, help, help the south, meta, news, offer, requests
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