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SPN p2

Supernatural's finale aprt 2: The man who knew too much...

* It wasn't until I saw her name on the Guest Starring list, that I realized who she was - she was Ceirdwynn in Highlander.

* Not sure what relevance the "Sam confronts himself" subplot had to do with Castiel becoming a god, even if it was to explain why Sam was late to the fight.

* Castiel's whole dive into "you're all against me" was very Herodian. beware of worms, Cas. :)

* wonder if this means we'll be seeing more gods in the next season. (though a year ago, we were wondering how SPN could continue once the Apocalypse had been prevented - what will we see next, now?)
Tags: castiel, ceirdwyn, episode, episode review, highlander, spn, supernatural
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