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tv series: "Rain Shadow"

Series 1, Vol.1 (eps 1-3)

Starring Rachel Ward and Victoria Thaine.

from Acorn Media (who also brought us Cadfael and Foyle's War)

Aired in Australia in 2007.

This is a good series thus far, and I see no reason to think the rest of the series won't continue to be as good.

The pacing is slower than I expected. But part of the pacing might be a reflection of how it is set out in cattle- and sheep-raising country in a drought-stricken portion of Australia. Another part of the pacing might be from how there's no dramatic music to say "this scene is important, pay attention".
(one character's family used to own land from Paringa to the Murray River, which gives an idea of just where on the continent they are - as does the fact that Paringa sits in a rain shadow)

Some of the characters are pricklier than others, but they're all human. One or two seem a bit dodgy, but I expect there's reason for that.
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