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Author: Rodlox.
Fandom: Stargate:Universe
Rating: PG13
POV: Vanessa's.
Characters/Pairing: Vanessa James, Eli Wallace.
Summary: Things could be worse; she knows this - but it's little consolation.
WARNING: This is what happens when my control lapses, and I start thinking about what the existance of those people means.
Dedicated to:

"What's going on?" Scott asked her.
"You really want to know?" Vanessa asked.
"Yeah. They've been looking at me and Chloe weird lately, and I don't know what one of them said to her, but now she's upset and won't talk to me."

"At the start of your time aboard Destiny, you would have viewed this place as hell itself."
"Why? It's nice here."
"Recreational sex is illegal here. And there are no broom closets to hide in."
"Illegal?" Scott repeated.
"And what sex people do have, is regulated by the local chapter of - well, you could call them the Society for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue."
Scott stared at Vanessa, then he relaxed and grinned. "You're pulling my leg, Lieutenant. That was damn convincing."
"Sorry, sir, but I found out at the same time as Chloe. They don't take someone aside when they're chewing them out. Warnings are public - no idea about punishments."
"Then... But Chloe and I...we haven't...I mean not y..."
"Appearantly," Vanessa said, "your reputation preceedes you. Then again, they are your descendants."

"You can't do that," he said, and ranted on and on about how they've both already met her descendants, so she can't just opt out of it, and the gene pool's already small enough with her in it so she can't just jump out of the pool, and etc.
Only after he stopped talking, did he reach for his fly - and that was when he was shot.
Camille rolled out of the way to avoid him falling on her. And if she happened to kick him while she rolled, well that couldn't be helped.
"Adoption, asshole," Greer said, standing on the ridge, gun still in hand. "It works," and he came over to help Camille up. "Need some time?" he asked once she was standing.
"Tempting," she said. "But no. Justice, not retaliation. No matter how tempting it is."
"Okay," he said and bent over to tie the guy's hands behind his back and haul him up. "You're lucky she's nice," Greer told him.
As they walked back, Greer asked, "So what'd you think?"
Knowing what he meant, Wray smiled and said, "Short and succinct, which makes it ideal for history books and students. Doesn't much sound like how you would have phrased it, though."
"I know. Let the conspiracy guys argue over it for centuries."
"Yup, you're evil," she kidded.
"You noticed," he kidded back.
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