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Dresden drabble: "Hold the door" (PG)

Title: Hold the door.
Author: Keenir
Rating: PG
Warning: Harry’s making sport of Kirmani again.
Spoilers: brief reference to Harry’s pet in the books; other than that, nothing.

POV: Harry Dresden’s.
Word Count: 115.
Written for: me (though I'd happily write ficlets for others; sign up here.

Summary: Harry’s greatest fear may be coming true before his eyes.

Detective Kirmani’s at the front of the procession out the door – and he holds the door open for her.

Not for Murphy, who’s right in front of me. But for the bane of my life – though she’d probably describe me as one of the banes of hers.
I had a bad feeling when this case started off, and that bad feeling’s having kittens now. No, probably puppies.

She just walks right through the open door without a word, not even a nod or thank you or anything. And he doesn’t look like he minds. I’m not like that with Murphy – am I?

Please, Kirmani, please don’t tell me you’re developing a crush on Ancient Mai.
The End

Tags: ancient mai, dresden files, dresden files fanfiction, kirmani
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