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tonight's new Covert Affairs

YAY!!! Liz Hearn's back! Liza Hearn's back! Liza Hearn's -
...drowning in her own eyeshadow, it seems.

*groans* Ben's back. dammit. my thoughts about Annie's social life being whipped to the consistency of custard, seems to be canon; particularly with how the doctor seems to becoming a beau for Annie's sister (disclaimer: I missed the end of the ep)

Bonus! Auggie actually has assistants! prior episodes had him talking to various young ladies, but this is the first time someone other than Annie or Joan is working with Auggie in his workspace. I believe the word for how I feel is giddy; I think that's right?

strange. Ben seemed rather - annoyed? irritated? - that Joan was getting personally involved in a mission to contact someone she knew in training. given that Ben went AWOL because Annie had sex with him (yes, massive oversimplification), Ben's the last person who should cast aspersions or stones or anything else.

thoughts on the ep?
Tags: covert affairs, episode review, liza, liza hearn
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