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meme: 5 more icons explained

this is a fun meme.

so Sororcula obliged me by selecting five of my icons for explanations...

(if you'd like to explain five of yours, just say so)

-- Parker, from Leverage (portrayed by Beth Riesgraf). I use this icon when I get excited about something, or to accompany a "glomp" (which I understand to be a form of hug)...or for when the conversation turns to matters Parker.

-- Colby Granger and Alice Chen, portrayed in the Numb3rs episode by Dylan Bruno and Kelly Hu. I use this for discussions of ship, multi-ethnic friendships, and just when I'm in the mood for it.

-- the hands of Father MacAvoy and Lai Lai Zhen, portrayed by Kelly Hu and Robert Carlyle, in the movie The Tournament. I don't use this one quite so often as perhaps I could. For fics that don't quite get the "your fic melted my brain" icon, or are great at showing support, friendship, and other such actions. I also use this to show support to close friends. (that and the Methos&Alexa icon)

-- Camille Wray on board Destiny on Stargate Universe, portrayed by Ming-Na. This is as close to a facepalm as I have in my collection. I use it for frustration, tiredness.

-- A quotation from Det. Danny Williams in the 2010 edition of Hawaii Five-0. Used for uncertainty, blurry brains, and as the immortal movie once said "I do not believe that words means what you think it does." And its fun.

For those who enjoy the 'five degrees' game, Kelly Hu and Robert Carlyle were in The Tournament...Carlyle and Ming-Na were in Stargate Universe...and Ming-Na and Kelly Hu are in Phineas and Ferb the series.
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