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Tonight's season finale of Covert Affairs...

Some themes repeated from prior finales, some plot lines look like they're about to be resolved interestingly, and - and some things are shocking.

* marriage troubles again? but this time, the trouble isn't that Michael's lost his job, or that Danielle's not in love with him (is that when she started that online relationship with her childhood friend?)

* When Annie got the description of who her contact was, I thought "and it turns out to be Eyal."

* part of me wonders how much of Auggie was..."living on borrowed time" is the closest to what I'm thinking of. how much of Auggie's post-blinding life was just to fill the hours and the days until the swelling went down enough for him to try being cured of his blindness.

...and if he's going to Africa, I'm left wondering in what capacity is he going in? (my reference materials are likely very very out of date, but I'm pretty sure much of the "sending aid to" parts of Eritrea are not handicap accessible.

* more golf scenes. my golfing friends don't understand why I want them to watch this show; they don't wait long enough for the golf to appear.

* always good to see Rena Sofer. anyone else remember her from The Chronicle?

* Even before Jai told Arthur about the botched lie detector and his goals, I was thinking "how long has Jai been planning this? Was his appointment to Special Projects a detour or part of his plan?"

* when Auggie said he had something for Annie, I wondered if he was going to reveal that the ficus is alive and thriving.

* So, to recap, Jai wants Joan's job (but will accept Arthur's job if Arthur tries to protect Joan)...Joan's talking to Arthur's ex about leaving the Agency...Auggie's going to Africa to be with Parker...Danielle agreed to let Annie move back in...and Auggie gave her his car.

It's like they made this episode without being sure there was going to be another season after this.
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