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tonight's Once Upon A Time...

A plethoria of riches, in more ways than one!
such as...

The Shepherd.

For weeks now, it's been an open question as to if there were non-European tales resident in the land that became Storyb(r)ooke...and now we find three:

* "put it between the Chimera and the Mapinguari"...the latter is from the Amazonian rainforest.

* Prince Charming is King David. (this makes the marriage to Abigail have extra meaning...though is Snow like Bathsheeba or Mishal?)

* King Midas (technically European - as he ruled over Gordion - but possibly imported from elsewhere)

though surely Emma realized the danger in Henry's suggestion -- even if it was his amnesia that kept his mind from being overwritten with a new personality, that doesn't mean it's okay to tell him who he belongs with - the mind reaches for what it can, and works with that too.

Mary Blanchard's not gonna be a happy camper for a while.

ahh, and here we arrive at a perfect example of why part of me hopes Henry fails: while his efforts might reunite Snow White with Prince Charming...what about David and Abigail? what about all the happy couples and families in the town, who didn't care for each other in the old world?
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