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last week's Person Of Interest...

like I said, catching up...

This is my thoughts on last week's Person of Interest, commenting on the POI, and the arc...

- Nice to see a returning POI. and the "2 words." :)

- A few guesses who might be the hacker:
a) the son of Finch's business partner.
b) the daughter of that Agent whom Finch and the Machine flagged as a danger.
c) Finch's business partner. (not dead, i guess)
d) a subroutine of the Machine.

- No matter who the hacker is, what's the role of that armed tracker?
a) Darth Reese.
b) Darth Fusco.
c) an expendible (criminal or not) bribed with the promise of a clean slate, a plane ticket, and $$ ?

- As to the Opening Credits, they've been misleading for a while now: it's not that the crimes were considered irrelevant, it's that Finch didn't want anyone - Government or other - to have full run of the Machine.
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