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One hour speedconlang:

The glosses are based on the rules in The Leipzig Rules.

The format, as requested, is a dialogue between speakers A, B, and, eventually, C.
Five vowels - ɔ, a, o, e, i.

The rr is the stereotypical rolling R of Scotland. the "r" is a non-rolling R.
ch is the same as in chutzpah (the tz is the same as well)
c is cheek.

COND = conditional (if, then)
DEF = definate (the fire)
LOC = location
Q = question

A: wa ba-gwo-lor
A fire {there} !
! DEF-there-fire

B: je u-gwo-lor
Fire there? {can't see the fire}
Q (?)-there-fire

A: ra ba-gwo-ra
It's there.
(?{statement}) DEF-there-(?)

B: je niti-gwo-lan tz-er
Come help us?
Q go-there-help with-I

A: wa tz-er wa-tz
Yes, I'll help
! withyou !with

B: ra gwo-niti-tz-re bv
We're going
. there-go-with-I in.motion

A: wa mi-gra-lor gen-gen
All the fire's gone!
! DEF.any-here-fire not-not {gone}

B: je u-gra-lor - je gen
{literally, "the fire's...not?"

A: ra u-lor. je u-gwo-tz-konlangre
(?). Go to (&with) Conlangery?

B: wa gwo-tz-er
Yes, go with me! / Yes, I'll go with!

A: fe wa gra-tz-Konlangre.
Welcome to Conlangery.
(?) here-with-Conlangery


A: fe ra mɔ-gra-chala c-re
Welcome to my home.
(?) (?) POSS-here-home of-I

B: ra pa-gra-chala l-ejo
I see your nice house.
. see-here-home (liking-your)

A: je u-roj-kac
? (?)-LOC.unknown-cake

B: wa pa-kac lejo
I like (your) cake!

A: ra mɔ-kac tz-er-ket
Eat cake with me.
. POSS-cake with-I-eat

B: wa marre-re tz-er
Marry me!
! marry-I with-I

A: wa Konlangre bo-ba
After Conlangery!

B: ra bo-ba-re
After, yes.

A: ru marre tz-gen
If no marrying...?
COND marry with-not

B: ra ru fano-re
Then I'm sad.
. COND sad-I

A: ru
If no cake...?

B: ra ru niti-mi-marre tz-mi
Then no marrying anyone.

A: wa ajo ebla
You're evil!

B: ra ire Saron
I am Sauron. / My name is Sauron.

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