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The River

Seeing tonight's episode of The River has reinforced my hunch about what The Big Reveal will be...but it's also made me suspect this is a misdirection:

The River appears to be inhabiting the same nooetic(sp) space as The Face of the Waters and Avatar(no airbender included), which is a region (or world in the book and film) which is either directed by a central intelligence that even controls the local toolmakers - human or not - or a collective intelligence composed of every single thing in the ecosphere...from the bugs and lizards, up to the monkeys and parrots and whales.

This would seem to be confirmed by the line in the episode A Good Man tonight, when Emmett said "You did this!" his tone making it sound like the cameraman sufficiently pissed off the local overmind.
(also confirmed by how the local tribe - the Amazonas* live in utter and complete harmony that a violation of them or their customs, brings the entire forest down on them)

On the other hand, The River is giving this impression to such a strong degree, that I have a feeling that it's like good stage magic: letting the viewer give themselves a false impression, resulting in genuine surprise when we see the end result.
(what, resist the impulse to make a magic reference in a Paul Blackthorne show?) :)

* = seriously? hasn't it long been proven that it's the Yanomano(sp) Indians who early European explorers mistook for the legendary Scythian Amazons? or does the pilot explain it?
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