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Movie review: The Avengers

Rating: 9/10 stars.

Bonus: there were two post-credits scenes! (one is before the main credits, after the stars' names are posted; the other is after the main credits)

* nice segue with Captain America - him and the punching bag we saw at the end of his movie.

* "You didn't know what you were doing." "I think I did."

* I like Dr. Banner's secret to maintaining his composure...though it raises questions if you start thinking in terms of ship.

* "Romanov?" "I'm all right. *looks at Banner in pain* Are we all right?" :)

* "Are you ever not going to fall for that?" has to be one of the best lines of the film.

* Pepper Potts is in is someone I can't help but feel is Peggy Carter's granddaughter. (either Black Widow or Maria Hill)

* kinda feel sorry for Steve, though..."What's it look like in there?" "It seems to run on some form of electricity." "Well, you're not wrong."

(massive future shock for him - compounded by the stuff SHIELD has)

* "Are you an alien? A space alien?" "No."

* poor Hulk...finally found a thing he can't lift.

* "We have no problem with your people." "An ant has no problem with a boot." -Fury, Loki.

('no problem'? really?,...because you cited The Destroyer's attack as the reason for your development of weapons)

* "It alerts the other Realms that the Earth is ready for a higher form of war." -Thor.
(yay, dwarves!)

* I was really looking forward to Captain America and Stark talking about the Stark they both knew - the one who designed his shield and wasn't always there for the other one)

* "This' just like Budapest all over again." "You and I remember Budapest very differently."

* so, were those flying things supposed to be Midgard Serpent? Nighogg? (we saw Nidhogg at the start of Captain America - Red Skull pressed the eye of woodcarving!Nidhogg to obtain the Tesseract)

* the solution to the problem reminded me of something the late Dr. Asimov once said about advanced societies - they'll all be interconnected.

* oh look who's back...and running that empire. wonder if Loki knew.

and the post-credits scene:

Captain looks like he's about to fall asleep, Banner's trying not to laugh, and I'm not sure how familiar Romanov is with shwarmas. :)
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