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Grimm s2 preview thoughts

(i may be late to the party, but I only just saw the series 2 preview during the Olympics today)

my thought:
* Who is the person in the black trenchcoat, leaning over the hospitalized Juliet? On one hand, I want to say "its the Captain, welcoming her to the family."

On the other hand, I can't entirely dismiss the idea that it is Monroe, keeping an eye on Juliet for Nick (who's busy elsewhere)...and this would be the one time she's not wearing red around Monroe. ;)

Though sometimes a main character gets a slight redesign between maybe season 2 Nick will be wearing dark leather jackets, and that's one of them.

Long shots and unlikely canidates: Adalind, a Reaper, or a Verrat. (or maybe a new and unrelated Grimm)

eagerly looking forward to the new season!
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