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Falling Skies

next week's the season finale? already?
looks promising. though that "and don't miss the last five minutes" bit was perhaps laying it on a bit thick.

* When Maggie was talking in her cell, she reminded me a lot of Emma Swan (Once upon a time).

* I have a hunch that Arthur Manchester was hoping Tom would give exactly that Arthur could "be given"^ greater power and authority at the vote -- a hope crunched underfoot by the arrival of the de-harnessed boy.

* "And then what?" He's probably wondering if how he's feeling there, is what was felt by the officer recieving the order to intern the Nisei.

* "a good-oldfashioned coup." Well, to be fair, even George Washington was sorely tempted to take action against Congress. And as the last Shah of Iran learned, there's always a point that you shouldn't push people past, no matter how loyal they are.

^ = like Julius Caesar given power from the Senate, or an earlier Senate empowering Scipio.

* if memory serves, the Roman title "Emperor" didn't used to mean anything higher than the guy who commanded a regiment or something smaller. yeah, Arthur Manchester's title of "Majority Leader" isn't really a definate indicator that he doesn't have higher aspersions, just an indicator he wants to be seen as a humbler sort than that (see also the ex-head of Libya)
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