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Grimm ep 2.01 pilot


* I sure hope they don't keep the new opening narration -- it gives the impression that all Wesen are evil and must be stopped.

* "We lost two cousins and a sheepdog."

* isn't that the guy who was the top Bad Guy in The Cape?

* so, if "the Wesen worked for the Royal Families"...then what were the Royal Families?

* and is anyone else getting the feeling that Nick's mom may not actually be his mom? (or may have her loyalties elsewhere)
I mean, he's known her all of 24 hours, if that, and he's showing her the trailer, the key, the coins...

* a sabertooth cat? why do I get the feeling we'll be seeing dinosaur-wesen this season?

* so...the first Grimms were a result of the raid on Constantinople (which one?*)...and their original purpose was to guard keys?

not entirely outlandish...Japanese samuri were originally clerks, if i recall.

* = the only clue was that it was before the 1200s, when the Wesen War hit.

* TBC??
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