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Woge is real (not just on Grimm)

CC-ed to the Grimm_tv comm:

I picked up the book Yurok Myths by A.L. Kroeber (with a foreward by Theodora Kroeber) at the library, and I noticed something that I passed right over the last time I read this book:

From the inside of the dust jacket:
_Kroeber, concentrating on the austere culture of Yurok, sought material artifacts for the University museum and collected Yurok myths -- tales of woge times, when the mythological heroes peopled the earth_

And from the Introduction:
_Both Wohpekumeu and Pulekukwerek's exploits belong to a time period when the earth was inhabited by a race of beings called woge. The woge are small humanoid beings who reluctantly yielded the earth to mankind. There is an eerie sense of nostalgic sadness and loss whenever the woge are mentioned in Yurok myths. Inevitably, the woge withdrew into the mountains or across the sea or turned into landmarks, birds, or animals in order to escape close contact with newly created man. Yet the woge are still present in some sense, and they are depicted as being glad to be called upon (in ritual formulas and the like)._
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