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Review: the pilot ep of 'Elementary'

9.5 of 10. Excellent pilot. the series should be quite something to behold.

This time, I'll be looking at the Top Five things in this episode, starting with the thing I hated most, to the part I loved the best.

#5. In the introductory scenes, Holmes says to Watson that line about a monkey. My first thought was fairly incoherent, my second was "why you little...!"

...and my third thought was a video-in-my-mind of Ancient Mai saying, while wounded and tired, "I'm not a trained monkey."

#4. When Holmes and Watson were in the observation room, watching the husband be interrogated, and Holmes turns to look at Watson, and he says something that startles her -- in the previews and commercials, my Closed Captioning, when it bothered to caption that, said [SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE], and his words sounded to my ears like "goo-goo" or "goh-guh".

Turns out, he said "Google. I don't observe everything." maybe i need to look into hearing aids again.

#3. The way Captain Gregson had already known (of) Holmes. I had been wondering how that would be handled, before Gregson explained it, and his version makes sense.

#2. Watson's love of baseball, and making Holmes watch it with her.
(though now we know Sherlock's a dangerous person to let watch a game)

#1. Dr. Joan Watson's little and not-so-little victories against Holmes, mostly in the forms of either questions ("how do you know I didn't leave them in a coma?") and deductions ("it was a woman" who made him leave London)

and an honorable mention to...Holmes' repeated - and inventive - apologies to Watson.
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